Since its beginning,
                      almost 100 years ago
Damascus Steel Casting Company has been a prime supplier of premium quality manganese steel castings for wear and abrasion applications. Stainless steels and high nickel based alloys were added over the years to serve a continually demanding customer base.

For over 75 years, we have satisfied our seamless pipe customers by producing custom tooling, and during the past decade we have expanded our product offerings to include new applications in a wide range of industries. Throughout, our consistent goal has been to provide superior service with a quality product delivered on time.

We are a fully integrated
         facility with the ability to:

  • Make, repair and maintain patterns

  • Melt in an electrical induction furnace with a 2500 pound capacity

  • Blast clean and finish grind quality product that conforms to the most demanding industrial specifications

Damascus Steel Casting Company
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